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VI                                        CONTENTS.
KcRidoncc iu Vienna--Political Allairn of tlio Time
of Viowuv'-'Parti taken in it 'by Ihuuboldlr  I^ht-H a t>««*l
Hououra €onletTod on 'him- State of AUiuwiu Prutu'iu    Ap-
points! AitxbiiHHtulor to 'Ijoiulon   .RuHitfuation of Ihai. <)(llt*<»
Appointed MhuHtmr of tho Intorioi* •
KoHiilowui iu Horlin Marna^<^ of Uuiulxildt/H lhm|,';h«
ttn4— -V'mlt from bin Brother A loxtuulor V'uut, to Purin suul
Ijondou -Death of Madntuo von llmuhuUIi ,.,,,,
Appoititod ProHidont of the ('onimiiiwioii to found a Muwwu iu
Iku'lin lllm^K' DoatU of Oo^lUo Ooalh ofihtinl»oltlt Hu;
FOHTUAIT OF  AU'iXANOMU  V(»N IlUMUOT.U'l'  , •  ,     ,     .     ..    *     ».      I
V(>N  HtlMU<HjnT     ,'»,,.,,, 140